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You want to feel comfortable. If you can avoid it, you don't want technicians coming into your home. And you're worried about the cost...

Don't worry. You may be able to get things working yourself.


If you'd like to try, go through our HEATING CHECKLIST to see if you can fix the problem.

We do offer free estimates, though. If you want help, Book Online or give us a call at 778-821-2665. You can always cancel if you turn out not to need us.

Our team will help make your home comfortable again so life can get back to normal.

Airtika Heating and Cooling

Avoid costly repairs in future by having an annual inspection and cleaning.


It'll increase fuel efficiency and prolong the life of your HVAC equipment.

Airtika Kelowna

Reduce operating costs with routine inspections and maintenance.


We are Class A gasfitters and service and install commercial HVAC systems of all sizes.

Airtika Kelowna Homes

Need new equipment? We replace and install new furnaces, hot water tanks, tankless hot water heaters, central air, heat pumps, HVAC systems, air filtration systems, gas appliances, humidifiers, mini-split units, and more.


— Mist Property

Chris and the crew from Airtika do such great work! They always have a quick response time to any of our questions and are very knowledgeable and efficient. We use Airtika on a regular basis as we are a strata building and we are never disappointed with their work. They are very fair with their pricing and will offer cost effective alternatives if there is one. I would highly recommend Chris and the team for any heating and air conditioning problems.
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