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Issue: The Air Conditioner won't turn on:

1. Check the electrical panel - make sure that the Air conditioner and furnace breaker is on. 

2. Check your Thermostat - Make sure it is set to "Cooling" and try setting the temperature at least 3 degrees lower than the current room temperature. If your thermostat requires batteries, replace them.

3. Check the furnace filter - dirty filters will significantly restrict air flow and in some cases prevent the system from coming on.

Issue: The Air Conditioner turns on, but isn't cooling

1. Check the thermostat to make sure it is working properly.

2. Clean or change your air filter. Dirty filters can restrict air flow and cause ice to form on the coil.

3. See if any ice has formed on the coil (the coil is usually located in the ductwork directly above the furnace) **If there is ice present, turn off the air conditioning and set the furnace fan to "circulate" or "on" to allow the unit to melt. If ice formed and the filter was not dirty, call to schedule a technician visit to test the unit. 

If these steps do not get you back up and running, give us a call at 778-821-2665 or book a service call online.
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