Home Improvements made affordable...

SNAP Home Finance has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners just like you get the improvements they need.


When your home needs a hand

  • Affordable monthly payments help you make your purchase decisions based on what you need, not the limit of your budget.

  • Add value to your home with a premium energy efficient solution.

  • Invest in added upgrades for only a few dollars a month.

People like financing with SNAP because they provide fast, fair and friendly payment solutions. Approvals within minutes so you can start your home improvement project on your schedule.

The Snap Advantage

  • Get your ideal improvement for an affordable monthly payment.

  • Pay off the entire loan at anytime without penalties.

  • Receive a significantly lower interest rate than a credit card. (which can have rates as high as 29%).

  • Pay with hassle-free direct debit payments from your bank account.

Why choose Financing? Homeowner Benefits:

  • Invest in added upgrades now instead of costly repairs later.

  • Reduce your utility bills by choosing a more energy efficient option.

  • By not depleting cash reserves, you are better prepared for emergencies.​
  • Finance now and pay the loan off with future income (like a tax return, or add the amount to your mortgage renewal).

  • Upgrades to your home's mechanical will increase your selling price, with financing you can upgrade before listing and pay off the loan when your home sells. 
Air Conditioners


Many homes and most businesses in the Okanagan Valley rely on a forced air ducted system with a central air conditioner to provide the cooling throughout their homes. 

Pool Heaters


Experience the luxury of total comfort in your own backyard. Pool heaters let you choose your preferred water temperature all year round. Don't let the weather control your swimming pool and spa enjoyment when you can extend your pool season well into fall.



The majority of homes in the Okanagan rely on a forced air ducted system with a central furnace to provide the heat throughout their homes. We service, maintain and install furnaces that use electricity, natural gas and propane as their fuel source.

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Airtika Heating and Cooling is based in Kelowna, proudly serving the Central Okanagan area, including:


West Kelowna

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