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Cooling Systems

Anyone that has spent some time in the Okanagan over the summer months knows how important a functioning Air Conditioner is. We service, repair and install both commercial and residential cooling systems to keep your home or office comfortable even in the heat of August.

Air Conditioners


Many homes and most businesses in the Okanagan Valley rely on a forced air ducted system with a central air conditioner to provide the cooling throughout their homes. 

modern house
Electronic Air Handlers


Air handlers or AHU's are part of a ducted ventilation system that dispurses heated or cooled air throughout a building. 

AHU's can be installed to maintain even airflow by using small terminal units for small rooms or full size AHUs for entire homes.

front entry to a house
Electric Heat Pumps


These units use electricity and ductwork to distribute cool air throughout your home. A heat pump absorbs ambient heat from inside air and moves it outside, providing air conditioning. During the winter months, the system reverses and removes the heat from outdoors, and moves it inside.

mini split heat pump
Ductless Mini & Multi Splits


Units can be mounted high on a wall, on the floor or as a ceiling cassette and do not require ductwork, which increases energy efficiency. These systems come in a variety of sizes and can be used as single zone or multi-zone systems.


ptac hvac unit
PTAC Thru-the-wall Units


A PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) is a self-contained air conditioning and heating system. Often found in condos, apartments, add-on rooms & sunrooms. Many are designed to go through a wall, having vents both inside and outside.

water source heat pump
Water Source Heat Pumps


Water source heat pump systems are one of the most efficient set ups for heating and cooling multi unit buildings. Most commonly a “Boiler/Tower” application uses a simple two pipe water circut that adds, removes or transfers heat to other units throughout the building. 

commercial chiller hvac unit
Commercial HVAC Chillers


We service and install both  Air Cooled and Water Cooled commercial chiller systems. 

Structures from single story commercial spaces to highrises, we can formulate the most cost effective and energy efficient solution for your indoor climate needs. 

swamp cooler hvac
Swamp Coolers


Swamp Coolers work well in hot, dry climates like the Okanagan. These coolers are often used in commercial applications like restaurants or large commercial buildings and are usually installed on the rooftop. 

packaged RTU HVAC unit
Packaged Rooftop Units


Packaged rooftop units, or RTU's, contains all of the components needed to provide conditioned air in one concise unit.

Commonly found in light and large commercial applications. They are very popular with retail and industrial properties.

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