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Natural Gas Barbecue Installation

Summer in the Okanagan is better with a Natural Gas BBQ. 

Once you've switched to having a continuous fuel supply for your backyard or patio BBQ you'll wonder why you spent anytime at all hauling and refilling propane tanks. Never run out of fuel half way through cooking, always be ready for an impromptu backyard BBQ.

Although convenience is a top reason homeowners switch to gas for their BBQ's the second benefit to a Gas Barbecue is the even cooking temperatures they provide... making it that much easier to be crowned King (or Queen) of the Grill!! 

How do you hook up a Natural Gas line to a BBQ?

When buying a new BBQ it will either come Natural Gas ready or come with an option for a Natural Gas conversion kit. This kit comes with a hose that is easy to attach to the BBQ box on the outside of your home. If you do not have a BBQ Box, one can be installed by a licenced gasfitter. The cost to install a BBQ Box varies and will depend on the length of gas line needed from the meter to the BBQ Box and if you will need a regulator. Getting a quotation is easy, choose the Quote new Gas line for BBQ to Book Online.

Can I switch my Barbecue over to Natural Gas?

Typically yes but the manufacturer of your unit has to state that it is acceptable and a conversion kit is required.

How do you get Natural Gas to your home?

It costs as little as $15 to have FortisBC bring a natural gas line to your home and the installation is usually completed in less than a day. The final costs will depend on the distance between the FortisBC main gas line (located under the roadway) to the location where your gas meter will be installed. The $15 fee covers the first 25 meters ($125/additional meter) To check the interactive map and request gas be brought to your home, visit: FortisBC Gas Services

cooking kebabs on a bbq grill
SpaceRay Wind Blocker heater
Patio Heaters


Enjoy the comforting warmth of a radiant heat natural gas patio heater when the summer evenings get chilly. By raising the temperature of an area a few degrees you will be enjoying your backyard or patio space longer into the evening and later in the year.

backyard pool with lounge chairs
Pool Heaters


Experience the luxury of total comfort in your own backyard. Pool heaters let you choose your preferred water temperature all year round. Don't let the weather control your swimming pool and spa enjoyment when you can extend your pool season well into fall.

outdoor chairs around a natural gas fire table
Natural Gas Fire tables


Stylish and Functional, natural gas fire pits and fire tables add ambiance to your outdoor space. There are many options available in the marketplace including stone, metal and concrete. Enjoy that campfire feel with the comforts of home.

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