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Commercial Make up Air

Make Up Air Units (aka MUA)

These units are designed to work together with exhaust fans. They bring outside air into a building to replace the air that is being pulled out of the building by the exhaust fan. The Make up air unit also heats or cools the fresh air that is coming into the building. These units are commonly found in commercial kitchens, underground parkades, automotive or manufacturing paint booths; wherever a lot of air is being pulled out of the space. 

Another common place that make up air units are found is in commercial apartment buildings or condos. These provide a slightly different role, as they are put in place to provide positive pressure in the hallways as a safety precaution in case of a fire. By keeping the hallways pressurized in the event of a fire smoke will, in theory, be kept in the suite where the fire originates and provide safe passage so people will be able to exit the building.  

Airtika technicians are able to troubleshoot these units, make repairs and replace when necessary. To keep your mechanical equipment running efficiently we offer preventative maintenance to our commercial clients.

Commercial Make up Air 


This video shows how the Make up air delivery device brings in dedicated air to replace the majority of the cooking exhaust pulled out by the hood fan. This particular design also delivers conditioned air into the kitchen, where it is needed most. View Video


Mini Splits for Server Rooms


A common practice to keep server rooms happy is to install a ductless mini split air conditioning unit. Wall mount and ceiling cassette mounts are the most typical products used in server rooms.

cutaway view of a packaged rooftop unit
Packaged Rooftop Units

Packaged rooftop units, or RTU's, contains all of the components needed to provide conditioned air in one concise unit.

Commonly found in light and large commercial applications. They are very popular with retail and industrial properties.

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