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How much does a furnace cost to install?

The cost to install a new furnace varies, but the most common high efficiency natural gas residential furnace ranges between $4,800 to $8,800 Canadian. Differences in the complexity of the furnace installation, size of the unit and features of the furnace can increase the cost of installation. 

Reasons the cost to install a furnace is unique to the home. 

There are different features in furnaces and different sizes of units. Venting can be difficult to install into an existing home


Furnace size. Square feet and CFM - it is recommended to size the new furnace to the size of the ductwork rather than just the square footage of the home.


Condensate pumps - older homes with septic systems and mechanical rooms in basements did not typically have drains in the concrete, in these situations a pump is needed


Age of home/placement of utility room in the home - If your furnace is older than 10 years usually new exhaust venting pipes are required for the installation of a new high efficiency gas furnace.

The majority of older homes have a fairly basic layout (rectangular shape) so ductwork is much easier to design and install and the furnace is often close to the exterior wall of the home.

New homes generally have more unique architectural designs to them and the mechanical equipment can be located in many different spaces (Garages, crawl space, exterior mechanical room, or in the middle of the basement under the stairs).

The length of new venting required and the difficulty of the installation of the new venting will impact the overall cost of your homes new furnace installation. 

Do you have problems with your existing furnace? 

There is more than just the cost of replacement to consider when shopping for your homes new mechanical system.  

  • Improper airflow or cold rooms - New furnaces have the ability to deliver more airflow than the older ones. This can help with those rooms that might not see as much airflow.

  • Noise - If the noise levels from your existing furnace are intrusive be sure the let us know, some furnaces are quieter than others. 

  • 5" Filters - bigger is better in the eyes of the system, 5" filters help your system breathe better. Installing the filter in proper location, and size are paramount to the systems air delivery abilities.

Which furnace should I buy? What furnace is the best? 

There are a lot of options when it comes to brand, make, and models of furnaces, so how do you narrow it down?

There are many great brands of heating and cooling equipment, many brands are even made by the same manufacturer, a google search will confirm that yes, Trane and American Standard are both made by Ingersol Rand and Goodman manufactures  the Daikin product etc etc. The most important part of choosing your new furnace is the installing contractor. The reliability of your new furnace installation is often said to be 60% installation and 40% product.

Things to look for in your HVAC contractor

Make sure you go with a certified and insured contractor. Companies affiliated with FortisBC's Trade Ally Network are certified and require up to date liability insurance to be a part of the network. 

Next choose a company that backs their work by offering a 1 year warranty on labour.  for new installations (like we do). Your home is too important to risk to a company that isn't insured, and doesn't stand by their work.

We proudly install York heating and cooling products because of their high quality standards for efficiency and reliability. York products feature innovative technology and versatility that gives us the confidence to know your home will be consistently comfortable.

What is the best time of year to replace a furnace?

The easiest answer to this question is: The best time to replace your furnace is when it is NOT an emergency. Most furnace and air conditioning manufacturers offer rebates periodically throughout the year and of course its ideal to have your equipment changed when the outdoor temperatures are mild. No one wants to have their  system down and furnace removed on the coldest or warmest days of the year.


FortisBC Furnace Rebates. Who gets them?

Typically homes that are being occupied by the owner and have mechanical that is not up to the modern efficiency standards. ​

The high efficiency condensing gas furnaces require different exhaust venting than the older models. What’s the science behind that?

New high efficiency furnaces use 2" or 3" special plastic pvc pipe. The science is; that in order to get more efficiency out of your furnace we have to absorb as much heat as we can from the flame, this causes the exhaust gas to drop in temperature below the condensation point much like water on a cold window.

Metal vents are not capable of dealing with moisture as they will drip and rot out. 

honeywell thermostats
Thermostats... Why WiFi?

Not only is a WiFi thermostat convenient, it's an easy way to set schedules, adjust indoor temperatures as well as monitor your home while you are not at home.

Set up alerts while you are away to notify you if  your home gets too warm or too cold.

Dad and Daughter playing


Kelowna winters are mostly mild but when we experience the cold snaps of winter the humidity outside plummets. Everytime a door or window is opened the crisp cold air gets sucked into your home. This dry cold air strips moisture out of the air inside your home and brings the relative humidity down in your house. 

Studies show that dry indoor air is where flu viruses thrive. Humidifiers create a healthy indoor environment that is great for your family... and not for the flu. Learn more.

man in shower advertisement for tanklesss water heater
On Demand Water Heaters


We service and install both  traditional hot water tanks and tankless water heaters for clients that are looking for a hot water on demand type of system. 

fuzzy socks in front of a gas fireplace
Gas Fireplaces


Low Maintenance, Practical and Beautiful. Gas fireplaces not only increase the value of your home but provide a cozy feeling and luxurious ambiance in any room they are installed in.

couple relaxing inside
Indoor Air Cleaners


The best way to remove the extremely fine particles out of the air in your home. Filters can only do so much, the denser the filter the finer the particles they can stop, but the more they restrict air flow. Good filters and Air cleaners are best friends. 


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