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Heating Troubleshooting


1. Check the Furnace switch  - in your mechanical room there is a furnace switch, (looks like a light switch, sometimes in red) make sure the switch is in the ON position


2. Check the electrical panel - make sure that the furnace breaker is on. 


3. Check the furnace filter - dirty filters will significantly restrict air flow and in some cases prevent the furnace from coming on.


4. Check your Thermostat - Make sure it is set to "Heating" and try setting the temperature at least 5 degrees higher than the current room temperature. If your thermostat requires batteries, replace them.


5. Properly secure the front panel on the Furnace - some will not operate if the panel is not pressed in all the way.


6. Ensure the vents and Registers are open and unblocked - If the furnace is running but your rooms are not getting warmer, make sure there are no rugs, furniture etc blocking the supply and return vents in your home. 

If these steps do not get you back up and running, BOOK ONLINE or give us a call at 778-821-2665 to book a service call with one of our technicians.

When was the last time you had a maintenance completed on your home's mechanical equipment?

The heating and cooling equipment in your home will run more efficiently and have fewer breakdowns when serviced annually. Your annual maintenance inspection will give you piece of mind and can also inform you about upcoming problems so you can have the opportunity to schedule your home's equipment repairs or upgrades instead of experiencing the inconvenience of your heating and cooling equipment breaking down.


To book your Furnace maintenance you have the option to see our availability via the ONLINE BOOKING tool, or call our office at 778-821-2665.

row of houses with snow on the roof
The best time to replace a furnace?

The easiest answer to this question is: When it is NOT an emergency. Most furnace manufacturers offer rebates at different times of the year and of course its ideal to have your equipment changed when the outdoor temperatures are mild.

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Kelowna winters are mostly mild but when we experience the cold snaps of winter the humidity outside plummets. Everytime a door or window is opened the crisp cold air gets sucked into your home. This dry cold air strips moisture out of the air inside your home and brings the relative humidity down in your house.

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