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Residential Services

Electrical and Solar

It's no secret the Okanagan gets a lot of sunshine. Investing in solar panels is a cost-effective way to lower your electricity bill while still consuming energy. If you have recently purchased a new EV or PHEV or plan on purchasing one in the future, adding a solar panel system and a Type 2 EV charger to your home makes a lot of sense.

Natural Gas Products

We install all natural gas related products for your home. The obvious products like gas furnaces and hot water tanks or on demand water heating appliances. We also install gas ranges in the kitchen, gas fire tables, BBQ hook ups on the deck and pool heaters in the backyard. If it runs on natural gas, we can help.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Homes where natural gas is not available or electricity is the preferred fuel, ductless mini or multi split heat pumps are gaining in popularity. Ductless units are more energy efficient than electric baseboard heaters and retrofitting a home from baseboards to ductless is becoming quite common.  

Fireplaces for Indoors and Out

There is nothing as cozy as the ambiance of a fireplace, these appliances are no longer restricted to just the living room. Fireplaces make a beautiful addition to a bathroom remodel and we are seeing them installed outdoors for the ultimate cozy, comfortable outdoor living spaces. 

Furnace Repairs and Replacements

You come home from work and find out that your furnace isn't working. Many times it can be a simple fix. There are a few simple steps to try before calling in a technician. Before you call or Book Online, take a moment to go through the steps in Furnace Troubleshooting Checklist.

The Air Conditioner won't turn on

It's summer in the Okanagan and the outdoor temperatures are soaring but your Air Conditioner wont turn on, or even more frustrating the Air Conditioner runs, but no cold air is coming out. We have put together an Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Checklist to the most common problems. 

Solar Panels on Roof_edited.jpg
Harnessing Renewable Energy: Solar 

Charge your vehicle with the power of the sun – Install Solar panels on your home! 


Many Okanagan properties are excellent candidates for Solar Panel installation. Our sunny weather and short winters make solar panel installations a compelling investment option for both individuals and businesses. 

Learn More.

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Hot Water Tanks


We service and install both  traditional hot water tanks and tankless water heaters for clients that are looking for a hot water on demand type of system.

If your hot water tank is 10+ years old we recommend upgrading to a high efficiency unit. 

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Gas Fireplaces


Low Maintenance, Practical and Beautiful. Gas fireplaces not only increase the value of your home but provide a cozy feeling and luxurious ambiance in any room they are installed in.

backyard pool
Pool Heaters


Experience the luxury of total comfort in your own backyard. Pool heaters let you choose your preferred water temperature all year round. 

Never let the weather control your swimming pool and spa enjoyment again.

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