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Commercial Heating and Cooling Services

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

We encourage our clients to implement maintenance programs because we see that businesses that take a proactive approach to maintaining their equipment, prevent costly breakdowns and frustrating downtime. 

Regular maintenance of your building's heating and cooling units has been proven to reduce overall operating costs and increase comfort levels in the building. We offer our clients maintenance on a schedule that fits their individual mechanical usage.

Certified Class A Gasfitters

We are licensed to install, test, maintain and repair natural gas lines, appliances, equipment and accessories in residential and commercial premises, including the largest natural gas equipment available. Experienced at fixing and installing chillers in the winery, brewery and food processing industries, Make up Air, Exhaust Fans, and Packaged Rooftop Units.  

Commercial Boiler Repair or Replacement

Maintenance and installation of gas fired commercial boilers.

Indoor Air Flow Testing and Adjustment

Uneven temperature in your office or commercial space can be rectified with the proper building and space analysis.

Packaged Rooftop Units

Most people are unaware of what a packaged rooftop unit is. It consists of a heating and cooling system in one, these units are commonly used in both small and large commercial spaces. Hair salons, offices, retail shops and restaurants.

Make Up Air Units (aka MUA)

These units are designed to work together with exhaust fans. They bring outside air into a building to replace the air that is being pulled out of the building by the exhaust fan. The Make up air also heats or cools the fresh air that is coming into the building. These units are commonly found in restaurant kitchens, condo buildings, automotive paint booths; wherever a lot of air is being pulled out of the space. 

Packaged Rooftop Units


Packaged rooftop units, or RTU's, contains all of the components needed to provide conditioned air in one concise unit.

Commonly found in light and large commercial applications. They are very popular with retail and industrial properties.

Mini Splits for Server Rooms


A common practice to keep server rooms happy is to install a ductless mini split air conditioning unit. Wall mount and ceiling cassette mounts are the most typical products used in server rooms.

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