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Heating and Cooling your Home with Solar

Did you know?

Home heating and cooling systems are the main energy consumers in Canadian residential homes. (Source: Natural Resources Canada) Approximately 65% of the energy consumed in your home is used for heating and cooling your indoor space.

Now that the upfront cost of solar is no longer the barrier it once was, adding a residential photovoltaic Solar system to your home is a smart investment. We offer Package Discounts on complete Heating Cooling and Solar Systems. Details on our Rebates page.

Dual Fuel System & Solar

The best of both fuels, Natural Gas and Electricity. Pairing a Natural gas furnace with a Heat Pump gives you the most flexibility. During the summer months your solar system will generate more than enough electrical power to run your Heat Pump in cooling mode, keeping your home nice and comfortable during those famous Okanagan summer days. The excess power generated in summer months is "stored" at your utility company via the Net Metering Program. 

In the Fall and Spring your solar system will continue to generate electricity to power your Heat Pump in heating mode. For the winter months we will set your balance point to switch to using your Natural Gas furnace in the very cold weather. Some winters in Kelowna and area are warmer, some are colder. With a Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Furnace combo you'll have the best of both fuels. Package Discounts on now.

All Electric Heating, Cooling with Solar

For homes that do not have Natural Gas available or prefer to not use fossil fuels an all Electric System is recommended. Similar to the Dual Fuel system above, an all electric system has an outdoor Heat Pump paired with an indoor Electric Furnace or Air Handler unit. The Heat Pump will cool your home in the summer and heat in the winter and when the outdoor temperatures dip below the ideal efficiency of the Heat Pump the Electric Furnace or Air Handler will take over and keep your home warm and cozy. The Net metering system with Fortis BC or BC Hydro works as a "bank" where unused electricity you generate in sunny months is saved to be used in cloudy/snowy months. Learn more about net metering at FortisBC or BC Hydro.

Traditional Furnace and AC system paired with Solar

A traditional Natural Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner system has the benefits of a dual fuel system, and lower installation price, but the downside is that it has no option to heat your home with electricity in the cooler spring and fall months. This means that you do not have the opportunity to use power generated from the solar system to heat your home. 

Your rooftop solar PV system will still collect electricity to run your air conditioner and household appliances, and in the heating seasons your home will use only natural gas to condition the indoor space.

Newer Furnace? Add the Samsung Hylex with Solar

Many homeowners over the last few years have taken advantage of the Fortis Furnace rebates to replace their Natural Gas furnace. If your furnace is a newer high efficiency Natural Gas unit, then replacement probably doesn't make sense at the moment. In situations like these the Samsung Hylex Heat Pump serves as a direct replacement for a traditional Air Conditioner which gives you the option to heat your home with electricity during the cooler months and utilize the power generated by your rooftop solar system. See our Package discount on a Hylex & Solar System.


Drive on Sunshine, Solar and EV's

If you have an electric vehicle, pairing a solar PV system can lead to significant financial savings. With a lifespan of 25-30 years, solar panels are a reliable and inflation proof fuel source for your Electric Vehicle.

Installing an EV Charger at the same time as your solar system may help you save additional costs of added electrical work down the road. 

We offer free No-pressure in home estimates; 

Book a Quotation Online or Call/Text at 778-821-2665 to discuss which options are best for you and your home. 

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Central Air Heat Pumps
It is often misunderstood that a Heat Pump replaces a furnace, but in a Central Air configuration, the Heat Pump is actually replacing the Air Conditioner.

A Central Air Source Heat Pump is placed outside and is usually paired with a Natural Gas Furnace or an Air Handler. These two units use metal ductwork in the home to disperse the warm or cool air into each room in the house through the floor registers (or ceiling registers in lower level or basement rooms). 

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